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Hello! My name is Michelle Yanity and I am the owner/artist at Red Clover Studio Art in Gambrills, MD. I officially launched RCSA in March 2019. I have always been a lifelong artist focusing on creating art for myself, my family, and my friends. I have been an art educator for the past 21 years, teaching middle school, working with teachers, and now teaching elementary school.It wasn’t until the sudden death of my youngest brother, Stevie, that I started making and sharing my art with others. Stevie passed away suddenly in May 2018 at the age of 28. When going through his belongings, I found a paper that he wrote in elementary school about “the most wonderful person in the world.” He wrote about me. He said, “I think my sister is the most wonderful person in the world because she is an Artist.” Those words have been infused into my soul and have created the burning passion behind my art and the need to share it with others.This collection is meant to communicate feelings of whimsy, fun, happiness, and contentment from viewers. Each piece is a mixed media artwork (collage, painting, drawing), made on a wood panel with paper, gouache and/or acrylic, and oil pastel/crayon and/or pen. These mediums allow for the creation of multiple layers and textures which gives each piece its own uniqueness. Strong use of bright colors, space, distinctive patterns, simple shapes, and bold lines further add to each piece.I hope viewers find my pieces fun and whimsical- they are meant to make one's heart happy and one's house pretty. Many are inspired by my childhood memories, vacations, and favorite things, including trips to the beach with my family, including my brother Stevie, who had a deep love of the ocean and water.

Voyage Baltimore Interview October 20, 2022: I was honored to be interviewed by Voyage Baltimore. Check out the interview here:

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